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Blog Series: Journaling & Dating Your Pages

(Originally written for the My Memories Blog April 29, 2019)

Hi everyone!  Continuing from yesterday.  Today’s subject…  Don’t forget the date!  ;D

Dating your pages is important.  I know first hand, however, that when you date your page you may not want the date to stand out. Or you might feel like your page is PERFECT just the way it is and to add the date would mess it up! You can “hide” the date within a design element. Or put it in a corner of the page in a color matching, but slightly lighter or darker than the color of the paper on which it will be placed; just enough difference in lightness or darkness so it can be read but won’t detract from your beautiful design. You’ll know you can find it.

Another way to date your page inconspicuously is to put the date right on top of, and in the corner of a photo. Decrease the opacity of the date text; again, just enough so that it isn’t obvious but can easily be read. It’s fun with all the fonts that are available.

This page is dated in the lower right corner of the frame.
Created with “Don’t Feed the Bears” by WinksArt Graphics

The date on this kitchen page is obvious, but it works with the recipe card behind the photo. I realize this page has a title and no journaling… this time I think the title says enough.  ;D 
Created with “In the Kitchen” by WinksArt Graphics
More suggestions:  Include the date in the name of folders containing a specific group of photos or scrapbook pages, and/or in the name of each file so there’s no guessing later. When naming my folders, I date them with the year first such as:  2018-12_Angelo. That keeps the year's photos/pages together. Alternately you can name them with a subject name first to keep all files of that person/subject together. There are many options; once you decide how you want your photos and scrapbook pages organized it will be easy to find particular items. Storing your photo and scrapbook page folders on dated USB drives is a good idea. I put hang tags on mine and write the content date(s) on the tags.

I learned my lesson! I have digital files of years-old photos with no dates on them. (Old paper photos, too.) Talk about guessing! I have to estimate the time by the ages of our children, the home the photo might have been taken in, even the pajamas they were wearing. I’m not that good a detective.  ;D  Remember to date!

I hope you take away some tips and ideas from this blog series. Please visit WinksArt Graphics at My Memories and see what’s new.  Feel free to leave a comment here and let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this with thoughts and tips.

I wish everyone well, and happy memories!
Valerie  ;D
WinksArt Graphics

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Blog Series: Journaling & Dating Your Pages

(Originally written for the My Memories Blog April 28, 2019)

Hi, lovely scrappers! This is Valerie of WinksArt Graphics and I’m so happy to bring you this little blog series about journaling and dating your creations. Do you like journaling? Writing all the facts, the funny stuff, and loving memories that will help you to recall specifics about your life and the lives of those who are important to you?

Although scrapbook pages appeal to our highly visual selves, there is so much that writing can do to enhance your pages and memories. After all, isn’t that why we scrap… to keep the memories?

Sometimes all it takes is a sentence or two and the date. I always recommend dating your pages.  (More about page dating tomorrow.) The words you write can give just basic information about your images and experiences, but can also give the reader an idea about what you thought or felt, or the how, why and when.  If you really, really, really can’t bring yourself to add words to your page, you could tell the story (and date!) on paper, fold it and put it into one of those fun, small, clear envelopes made for memory ephemera and stick it on the back of your plastic page sleeve… just a thought.

I created this page about 12 years ago. Just the one sentence gives all the information needed to explain why this grown man is running away from this laughing toddler. I didn’t date it and wish now that I had.  I know the approximate time within a year or so, but it would still be nice to not have to think hard about when this fun happened.
 Created with “Little Monsters” by WinksArt Graphics
The point:  Journaling tells so much more than just a photo can. Yes, a picture can be worth a thousand words, but words are powerful to describe feelings and tell stories that may not be able to be portrayed with only a photo.  Journal about successes, failures from which you learned, comical situations, kids’ silliness, husband’s blunders, sweet memories of a loved one who is gone, animal/pet funnies, your own likes, dislikes, favorite things… the possibilities are seriously endless!  Scrapping lists can be fun, too. Tomorrow you’ll see a page I made to remember all the funny/cute/silly words and phrases from our grandson.  He’s a big ol' 18 now and it’s fun to look at his cute little photo and remember his words.

I hope you’ll accept this challenge to include descriptive journaling on your pages.   Feel free to post comments!  Would you like to see more tips about memory keeping here?

More tomorrow!

Valerie  ;D
WinksArt Graphics

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