Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For my Dad...

Well, my blog friends, it's been pretty quiet here and on my web site for the past few weeks.  I've missed the August blog trains (which I really love being a part of!) and haven't posted new stuff. 

My dynamo dad died early in the morning last Friday and is finally at peace after a long (since March open-heart surgery) and difficult recovery time.  He had complications with his heart and lungs and at 84, it was all just too much for his body to deal with. 

We're trying not to be sad; he's in a better, more peaceful and beautiful place with friends and family who have gone before him.  Thank you for all your support and well wishes!  I'll get back to designing soon!
Love you, Dad!


  1. Valerie, My thoughts are with you. My Dad died at an early age (53) and Mom died three years ago so I can emphathize with you. Have strength in the thought that you Dad will
    ALWAYS be with you. The memories are the greatest reminder. Take your time "recovering" and have strength in the fact that your Dad is in great hands - whatever God you believe in. I always visualize Mom and Dad playing Bridge and having the time of their "lives." Oh, and Dad is playing baseball! Best wishes!

  2. Thank you Janet! Maybe our Dads have met! ;D